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Baseball Age Divisions


Smart-Start (4-5 years old)

This program is geared towards 4 year-olds and any 5-6 year-olds who are new to baseball.  The primary focus is on the very basic fundamentals.  This is a non-competitive league intended to be an introduction to baseball/team sports.  Basic skills of hitting, fielding/catching, throwing, and base-running will be introduced, as well as base and defensive position locations.  Teams will consist of approximately 7 players, enough to field the 5 infield positions with additional players to cover in case of any absences.  All players will take the field regardless.  Games will consist of 3 innings.  This is a straight-to-tee league, with no pitching.  All players will bat each inning.  Defensive outs will be honored, but all players will still bat each inning.  Last batter will clear the bases.  Batting order can be shuffled each inning.

T-Ball (4-6 years old)

This program is geared for 4-6 year-olds with some experience or general idea of game-play.  This is a non-competitive league intended to further develop basic fundamentals.   A tee is used.  Ten players are fielded defensively, to include a catcher with protective gear and 4 outfielders.  All players will bat through the lineup, regardless of whether currently fielding a defensive position.  An offensive inning is over when 3 outs are recorded or 6 runs are scored.  Score can be kept with scorebook or other application, but should not be a primary focus of the game.  Scoring the game at this level should be done only to familiarize scorekeepers with the process.

Machine Pitch (7-8 years old)

This league uses spring loaded machines to pitch and offers a faster moving game with maximum opportunities to hit. This league is recommended if your child has played before, can catch a ball in his/her glove most of the time, can stay focused for an hour and half long game and understands baseball fundamentals. Machine Pitch is the natural progression for players who played TBall in the last season and are league age 7-8.

Minors (9-10 years old)

Players build and refine their fundamental skills while beginning to understand game strategy and teamwork. This is a kid pitch league where coaches are no longer on the field.

Majors (11-12 years old)

The Majors Program is for players with league age (the player’s age on 30 April) is between 11 and 12 years old.   The league is played on 70 ft. base paths, with a 50 ft. pitcher’s mound. The Majors Program is Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth's first level of the total baseball experience, incorporating higher level rules and experiences into the recreational setting.  Players in the program should expect to see pitchers near the 45-55 mph mark, with base stealing, and stronger hitting.  The Majors Program is great for players of all calibers. The Program focuses on teaching the players advanced baseball techniques, while maintaining the fun and excitement of Recreational League baseball.

Juniors (13-15 years old)

(NOT OFFERED FOR THE SPRING 2022 SEASON) This division is for players ready to play by Major League Baseball rules.  Bases are at 90’ just like the Big Leagues.  Players looking to continue playing baseball beyond the Cal Ripken division.  They have the opportunity to play the Babe Ruth Tournament Trail which culminates in the World Series.

Seniors (16 to 18 years old)

(NOT OFFERED FOR THE SPRING 2022 SEASON) This division is designed to prepare players for collegiate recruiting and the professional draft.  This is the highest level of play within the Babe Ruth League.  This Babe Ruth league offers a tournament trail that also ends with the World Series.

Baseball Divisions (League Age is Player's Age on 04/30/2021)

Division League Age Registration Fee
Smart Start 4-5 $95.00
T-Ball 4-6 $95.00
Machine Pitch 7-8 $130.00
Minors 9-10 $150.00
Majors 11-12 $155.00

Babe Ruth Baseball Age Chart

Unsure what division your child should play in? Click the link for age chart information from Babe Ruth