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Baseball/Softball Volunteer List

Baseball Director - J.R. Haslett

Softball Director - Colin Mainwaring  

Concession Coordinator - Heather Mainwaring

Team Mom Coordinator - Samantha Tomlinson

All Star/Advanced Ball Coordinator - Jason Robinson

BB/SB Equipment Manager - Chris Kellett

Sponsorship/Fundraising Coordinator - James Moore 

Uniform Coordinator - Jason Robinson

Master Scheduler - Jason Anello

Tanglewood and Armstrong Park Field Manager - Dan Carter

Registration Manager - J.R. Haslett

Risk Management Chair - Amy Smith

14U Advanced Baseball Head Coach - Julio Ayala

13U Advanced Baseball Head Coach - Steve Schnell

10U & 12U Baseball Commissioner - Justin Sullivan

12U Advanced Baseball Head Coach - Jason Herringdine

11U Advanced Baseball Head Coach - Jason Robinson

10U Advanced Baseball Head Coach - Clark Briggs Jr.

9U Advanced Baseball Head Coach - James Moore

8U Advanced Baseball Head Coach - Dan Carter

7U/8UB Advanced Baseball Head Coach - Gene Price

6U & 8U Commissioner - Dan Carter

6U Advanced Baseball Head Coach - OPEN


FIAA is an organization ran entirely by volunteers. All board members, coaches, and volunteers give their time to make this association a success. Parents are asked to help out by working with your team to fill concession assignments at our park.  An opt out fee of $60 paid at registration is available for those so inclined.  

For more information please contact:

Baseball Director J.R. Haslett  

Softball Director Colin Mainwaring